Taking Stock: June

Terrarium - told you!

It seems I forgot to take stock of June and whether that’s because it starts with J-U…just like July does, and so it sort of runs amorphously together, or not…I couldn’t rightly say.  It totally happened though, and on the flip side, it was like sand through the hourglass…as so…

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Sick as a Dog?


Generally, it takes me a day and a half to recognise or acknowledge that I am unwell.  I am that stubborn.  Or stupid, either way…because I DON’T GET SICK!  The last time I was sick, I drove the forty minutes into work, got out of the car, crossed the car…

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Book Nerd!


After attending a workshop at the ACT Writers Centre on Saturday, run by the lovely Kristen Alexander, I found myself toying with the idea of investigating writing on a particular subject.  I very quickly discovered that the interwebs held little information on my subject – I know – shock horror,…

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