Sparkle Away!

The other day, whilst coffeeing with a friend, she reached over and violently plucked a hair out of my head!  To me it made a noise like ‘POING’ so violent was its uprooting,  and I said ‘Ow!’ ‘You’re welcome,’ she said holding up a grey hair…and then she peered at…

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Just Read – It’s a thing!

Vinnie's @ Mitchell

A very good woman I know is doing this thing that I like a) because it’s reading b) because it justifies my obsessive reading habit and c) because it helps people. Jane Rawson is an Everyday Hero, who tapped into the old MS Readathon days of our childhood, and decided…

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Trash and Treasure

Rusty watering can

There’s a Canberra institution that I have participated in for 40 years called the Trash and Treasure Market or ‘Trash’ for us regulars. Run by Rotarians, it is held at the Jamison Centre carpark every Sunday from 6am til 1pm, unless it’s Christmas Day.  As a little kid, I think…

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