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October was the Month of Chickens:

It’s Spring, Chickens! : Chicken resource hunting at Murrumbateman Field Days.

Why do Chooks get a Bad Rap? : The reason why people don’t like backyard poultry.

Chooks in Small Spaces : Think your yard is too small to have chooks?  Think again.

Recycling for Chickens: Cheap chicken accessories!

Case Study: This Chick Thinks She’s Human: How to Avoid House Chickens!

Chicken Pests: Pesty things big and small!

More Than a Chicken: Rare and Heritage Breeds.

How (and Why) to Clip a Chicken’s Wing: DIY Chicken Wing Clippin’.

Case Study: Aunty Hen

A-Z of Chicken Keeping: a brief A-Z chocka-block with handy tips!

Other Poultry Posts:

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Sick Ducks!

Duck Update

Duckling Don’ts!

The Rise-again Rooster


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