Your 100th blog post brings with it alot of pressure: to be interesting or funny, fascinating or compelling blah blah or blahblahblah.  Or is that just me?  And as a result of this pressure that I feel to ‘just do it’ oh, and ‘it better be good!’ I have lain awake at night and thought.  And wondered.  And not slept.

I have gone about my daily chores with half a mind on what topic I should….and I have left conversations halfway through and sentences unf…

Yeah, procrastination, thy name is Alyson.

Funny then, that my personal procrastination should have the psychology of a three year old.  Because, you see, in order to procrastinate on writing this, my 100th blog post, I have actually completed other things that I have been working very hard to procrastinate on up until now.

In other words, I have used my procrastination drive as a tool to complete the other things I have been procrasinating about.  And I’m actually kind of pleased with myself, because the other thing I was procrastinating about was a short story that I started in March.  And because of this post, it is finished and on its way out of the nest.  Woohoo. 

And now, we return you to your regular programming.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    I do housework when I should be doing homework, and vice versa.

    What’s your short story called?

  2. I handled my 100th post by not mentioning that it was my 100th post. Pressure off! 😉

  3. Wow, your thoughts on procrastination have tied my cardigan brain into a pretzel. I think I’ll wait until later to understand procrastination. I think that is in keeping with the spirit of things here!

  4. Thankyou, Lavenderbay! How lucky I am to have people like yourself be here to read it.
    I must admit, my house was never cleaner than when I had Uni assignments…I really should think about starting back there again..
    Unfortunately because of another weird foible, which I really should post about, I can’t tell you the short story title at this point – but I will when judging is over!

    Yes, James, I could have done that and I should have done that – but I would know, and what better way to handle the pressure than to make it public and embarrass it a little? 🙂

    That is exactly how it works in my house too – I tell you there is definitely the spirit of Cardigan in me!

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