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Procrastination and me are like this X .  And I have been pondering how a writer goes about doing the blog thing and getting on with their work as well, because I haven’t been.  Ask me for an article and I’ll write you an article, no probs, but when it comes to my own writing – the follow up book to the one I published last year (Chooks in the City) or the fiction idea that I’ve travelled with for a long time, I’ve been very limited.  And it isn’t because I’ve been bereft of ideas.  Far from it.  I’ve been flooded with the bloody things, but I’ve used that as an excuse NOT to start anything, because I didn’t know where to start.

Finally, the Stepford Husband offered me a book of his to read called ‘The War of Art’…that’s why he is the Stepford Husband…always coming up with what you need, when you need it.  And it smacked my arse.  In a nice way.  As a result, I’ve had blinding moments of clarity and the worst thing is, all these lightbulb moments are things I already knew.


The most productive writing I’ve ever done was longhand in a book, with no back glances to fix or edit or change grammar – because those things can be changed later, when the story has come.

Sharing an idea can dilute and diminish the story and give your procrastinating monster a reason not to then spend the time writing it down.

Stop thinking about it and do it (you bloody idiot)

If you are procrastinating by using the computer, (and legitimising it by saying to yourself that you are writing, after all, a blog) then turn your routine upside down.  Don’t get online until you’ve spent X hours writing…even if you’re writing the reasons you can’t write….remember that old writing exercise?

BUT beware of old writing exercises unless you trying to unblock…because they can themselves be tools for procrastination, as can reading writing workshop books.

Be nice to yourself and stop beating yourself up all the time (fool!).

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Wish me luck.  No, I mean it!

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I am a 45+ chick. I live in the country with 3 almost (apparently) adult children teenagers, 1 husband and many animals. Here's the thing: The black dog also hangs with me occasionally and, thank the baby cheeses, life is not perfect. That's OK, because I work hard to be a glass half-full person and I can't lie! I write to help my head, heart and humor...and I tell myself 'I've got this!'


  1. Ouch! That hurt….I so saw myself described in this post…procastinator is my middle name!


  2. Wow, my owner found his old copy of “The War of Art” earlier this week and reread it! I think it’s one of his favorite books. He was so excited to find it again.

  3. Snap Checkers! I don’t even know what Stepford Husband had this book for himself (not a creative type, but very serious), must find out!

    Damyantig, sorry for your pain, but it’s kind of nice knowing you’re right there with me. We can do it girl!

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